Mary's Recovery
serving the Montreal community for 40 years

Principes Cognitifs
Cognitive Principles

Mary Major B.A.. soc./ psych


'Coaching Pour Vous Aider' 'Coaching to Help You'

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L'accueil aux nouveaux venus

Mission Statement and Objectives



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Symptoms Experienced In Our Group

-Air hunger
-Electric current
-Tightness in chest
-Weak legs
-Racing heart
-Imagination on fire (racing thoughts)
-Dry mouth
-Trouble speaking
-Nervous fatique
-To be in duality *
-Cold hands
-Lowered feelings*

-Irratability, might explode*

-Fearful anticipation*
-High blood pressure
-Loss of appetite
-Ruminate, process
-Adrenaline started pumping
-Butterflies/nervous stomach
-Poor concentration*
-Stomach in knots
-Not being able to get up /A.M.
-Nervous cough and clearing throut
-Nausea (at sight of food)
-Teeth grinding
-Back sore/stiff
-Choking, smothering sense

-Complaining habit
-Crying habit
-Colon problems
-Feelings of inadequacy*
-Self pity*

-Tingling fingers, numb
- Racing thoughts*
-Overall stiffness

-Self-destructive behaviour i.e

  • overeating
  • overdrinking
  • smoking






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