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Principes Cognitifs
Cognitive Principles

Mary Major B.A.. soc./ psych


'Coaching Pour Vous Aider' 'Coaching to Help You'

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Cognitive Behaviorial New York

RVD Psychologue

Ressources Cognitif Comportemental

IBS Self-Help Group Site

The Beck Institute - Founder of CBT *

Now Go Out And Lead Tips for being a better leader from: his book, What got You Here Won't Get You There.
- Business Week On-Line

Studio 360 "Get Inside Your Creative Mind

Change a Childs Life Forever
NACBT: dedicated exclusively to supporting,
promoting, teaching, and developing CBT

The Buteyko Method For Panic Disorder:
The following link offers practical advice for controlled breathing to bypass panic disorder symptoms. "Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko"

"Anxiety2 Calm" BLOG (web log)
"The Control Pause Method" a succinct synopsis and practical control procedure of the Buteyko Method

Buteyko Breathing Video Seminar
1hr 27min video. Questions and answer's period video.included (opens under seperate page)

Dysfuncional Breathing and Asthma: Panic

Disorder needs to be considered
Simon J.C. Davies et al British Medical Journal (BMJ) v.323(7313); Sep 15, 2001


Albert Ellis Institute
R.E.B.T. is a practical, action-oriented approach to coping with problems and enhancing personal growth

Copycat Behaviour
Rene Girard -reflections of our behaviour

Kids Health dot org
sensitve straight talk sexuality health information from childhood to adolescence.

The Nemours Foundation
The Nemours Foundation...practical ways of improving health care

Assoc. Québecoise des troubles d'apprentissage
Learning Disabilities Association of Québec

IBS Self Help Group

l’Association des maladies gastro-intestinales fonctionnelles

Your Aging Brain CBC Quirks and Quarks

Articles of interest on this site

  • The power of placebos
  • Keeping your brain fit
  • Post partum depression
  • Basic fundamental needs
  • Symptoms of OCD, Panic Disorder, Bipolar, Major Depression, PTSD
  • High risk communication roadblocks
  • "Recovery's" prescription for mental health.
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